How does our rating system work?

Optical condition

0: New condition, unworn, some still foiled

1: Hardly/minimal signs of wear

2: Slight to normal signs of wear

3: Normal signs of wear plus some deeper scratches that do not completely disappear with polishing

4: Normal to clear signs of wear plus many deeper scratches that do not disappear completely even after polishing

5: Strong signs of wear but still without impairment of function, strap worn out

6: Heaviest signs of wear, some of which cause malfunctions (e.g. rotating bezel stuck), strap worn out (risk of loss)


Technical condition

0: Manufacturer's warranty still running

1: New condition or newly revised

2: Fully functional, but the watch has been running for a few years since purchase or last revision

3: Functional but with rate deviations, no longer full power reserve, revision advisable but not yet urgently necessary

4: Revision necessary. Partial failures possible (e.g. automatic winding no longer functional, quick date adjustment no longer functional)

5: Revision urgently required. Partial repair pointless, no longer functional, possibly slight rust. Defects can still be corrected by revision

6: Irreparable condition, spare parts no longer available, possibly severe rust, economic total loss.