How does our rating system work?


With Kuhnle Vintage you are always on the safe side. We guarantee that every item sold at Kuhnle Vintage has been personally checked and verified by our experts in our top-class in-house workshop according to our rating system. We evaluate according to the following criteria:


Optical condition

0: New condition, unworn, some still foiled

1: Hardly/minimal signs of wear

2: Slight to normal signs of wear

3: Normal signs of wear plus some deeper scratches that do not completely disappear with polishing

4: Normal to clear signs of wear plus many deeper scratches that do not disappear completely even after polishing

5: Strong signs of wear but still without impairment of function, strap worn out

6: Heaviest signs of wear, some of which cause malfunctions (e.g. rotating bezel stuck), strap worn out (risk of loss)


Technical condition

0: Manufacturer's warranty still running

1: New condition or newly revised

2: Fully functional, but the watch has been running for a few years since purchase or last revision

3: Functional but with rate deviations, no longer full power reserve, revision advisable but not yet urgently necessary

4: Revision necessary. Partial failures possible (e.g. automatic winding no longer functional, quick date adjustment no longer functional)

5: Revision urgently required. Partial repair pointless, no longer functional, possibly slight rust. Defects can still be corrected by revision

6: Irreparable condition, spare parts no longer available, possibly severe rust, economic total loss.